Gate valve is a type of valve that is used to open the flow by lifting the closing gate which is usually round or rectangular.

Gate Valve is a type of valve that is most often used in piping systems. The function is to open and close the flow. Valve gates are the most common type of valve used in any process plant. This is a linear motion valve that is used to start or stop fluid flow. In service, this valve is fully open or fully closed. When the gate valve is fully open, the gate valve disk is completely removed from the flow. Because of that there are practically no obstacles to flow. Because of this very little pressure drops when the liquid passes through the gate valve. To achieve proper sealing, when the valve is fully closed, 360 ° surface contact between the disk and seat is required.

The valve gate can be defined as a type of valve that uses gate discs or wedges and perpendicular moving discs to flow to start or stop fluid flow in the piping.

So how it works or the position of the gate on this valve must be completely open (fully open) and completely closed (fully close). Because if the gate position is only half open, it will cause a turbulence to occur in the flow and if turbulence occurs later it will cause:

A. occurs at the corners of the gate.

The turbulence rate of fluid can be eroded and eventually the valve cannot work perfectly.

B. There is a change in position of the election gate holder.

The closing gate will occur so that the closing valve will not be dependent on the right gate position, so that it can cause passing.

There are 3 types of gate valves:

1. Rising Stem Gate Valve, if you use a rising handwheel and the stem also rises

  • Rising Stem & Non Rising Stem is not too high, and not suitable for vibration.

2. Non-Rising Stem Gate Valves, if using a fixed handwheel and a fixed rod.

3. Outside the Screw & Yoke Gate Valve, if the handwheel is operated, but the stem rises.

  • Outer Screw & Yoke Gate Valve is very suitable for high pressure. Usually OS & Y is widely used in oil fields, high terrain, high temperatures. Because in OS & Y can be used as a marker.

Gate Valve Parts

Here you can see the main parts of the gate valve. The disk valve is also known as a wedge. To learn about each of these parts, read a complete guide of valve parts.


Benefits of using Gate Valve:

  • Low pressure drop full open time
  • Very low pressure drop during surgery.
  • Most gate valves can be used as two directions
  • Very tight and pretty good at full closing
  • Contamination free
  • As the Gate closes fully, so there is no more pressure. Suitable if you will do service / repairs to the pipe
  • They are suitable for high temperature and pressure applications and require less maintenance

Disadvantages of using Gate Valve:

  • Not suitable to be used for half open, because it will cause turbulence so that it can cause erosion and change the position of the gate on the stand
  • To open and close the valve, it takes a long time and requires high torque / torque
  • For sizes 10 "and above it is not suitable for steam.
  • When partially opened, it creates vibration and noise.
  • Improvements, such as hitting and grinding chairs are more difficult because of limited access.

Gate Valve Application

1. Gate valves are used in almost all fluid services such as air, gas fuel, feed water, steam, lubricating oil, hydrocarbons, and almost all any services.

2. Some gate valves specifically used in pulp and powder products are also like gate knife valves.