Globe valve is a linear action, multi-turn (when hand operated) valve with a disk or piston seating on a single flat or shaped seat.

Globe valves, so named for their spherical body shape, have an S-shaped fluid passage. Although these valves provide excellent sealing capability, they produce greater fluid resistance compared to gate valves.



Type Globe Valve

  • Valve
    • In addition to the ordinary globe valves, we also manufacture: Angle valve – This valve can change the direction of fluid flow at a right angle.
  • Y-globe valve
    •  Y-globe valve – The valve stem axis and the flow channel at the outlet form an acute angle in this valve.

Globe Valve Parts

Here in below image, you can see the globe valve parts such as Body, Bonnet, Stem, Seat, Disk, etc.


Parts Of A Globe Valve

Globe Valve is mostly utilized for the purpose of regulating the flow of liquid in a pipeline; it can be programmed to stop the flow of liquid entirely, slow down the stream or set the fluid to move freely. This type of valve is named after its globe-shaped body that is being separated by an internal baffle; the baffle is the device that is being used to control the fluid flow and it contains two parts – the flat plug and the ring shaped seat.

Benefits Of Using Globe Valve

Globe Valve is an equipment that has been widely used in the plumbing industry because it effectively controls fluid flow in both opening and closing mechanism and in throttling service. The movement of the fluid through the valve changes from time to time and this is the reason why the pressure drop on the valve increases during the course of use. More often than not, such type of valve contains a stem that is vertically positioned towards the body and the higher pressure fluid stream linked to its pipe provides a tight seal in situations where the valve is fully closed.

Nomal Ways To Fix A Globe Valve

Gaining awareness regarding valves and the methods of its preservation can give you a head start on how you can avoid further problems from happening in the future. Making a habit of checking proper valve operation can initially tell if something is wrong with your equipment; leakages greatly affects the direction flow of pressure in the valve and this should be addressed right away. Deeming that there are a variety of reasons regarding leakages in the Globe Valve, the information below explains some of its causes and remedies that can aid in fixing the difficulties present in your equipment.

Globe Valve Selection Guide

A Globe Valve is commonly known as a form of mechanism that is mainly used to regulate or impede the flow of liquid or gas within a pipe. Its seat is structured in the middle and parallel towards the pipe and the opening is enclosed with the use of a disc. In this type of valve, the plug is connected to a stem that works by means of screw action in manual valves. This type of valve indeed assists in obtaining good control regulating the flow of liquid; water pipes fit together in this valve so that its operator would be aided in monitoring the water flow when the valve is opened either partially or all the way.