Design & Specification :

  • Analog output 4-20 mA - loop powered, proportional to vibration velocity mm/s rms
  •  Dynamic signal output (Buffer)
  • Standardized measurements according ISO 10816
  • High quality with glass sealed M12 connector, dual case isolation
  •  Compact size with superior “annular shear technology”
  •  Industrial design IP67, shock resistant
  • Temperature range -55 …+120 °C


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Product Description

The hermetic sealed 4-20 mA loop powered industrial vibration velocity transmitter type VT-110 is designed to monitor the vibration in harsh industrial environment. It uses the industry standard 4-20 mA Loop that interfaces directly with PLC, DCS and 4-20 mA monitor. Measurements according the most relevant standards (ISO 10816) or extended frequency from 3…1,000 Hz will fit in nearly all applications. Their compact size allows for installation in tight places.


Fans, pumps, compressors, industrial turbines and particularly all rotating machines with roller-element bearing are classical application areas for case vibration transmitters.

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