Turbine Flow Meter

Design & Specification :

Accuracy : ±0.2% of flow rate
Temperature : -550C to +3500C
Medium : Gas, Water, Oil, Chemicals, hydrocarbons and more
Housing Material : 304L Stainless Steel, 316L stainless steel, A286 stainless steel (for high pressure), Aluminium, and more
Orifice plate Material : Stainless Steel
Output Signal : 4-20 mA, pulse
Communication : Modbus, HART
Power Supply : 18-36 VDC, 85-265 VAC
End Connection : Threaded, Grooved, Flanged, EZ- IN, WECO 1502 and more
Process Connection : ANSI, DIN, JIS
Enclosure : Standard version: IP66 or Ex-proof version: IP67
Ex-proof certification : IECEx, ATEX, NEPSI, and Japanese ex-proof certification


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Product Description

Turbine flow meter is used for volumetric total flow or flow rate measurement and has a relatively simple working principle. As fluid flow through the turbine meter, it impinges upon turbine blade that is free to rotate about an axis along the center line of the turbine housing. The angular or rotational velocity of the turbine rotor is directly proportional to the fluid velocity flowing through the turbine. The resulting output is taken by an electrical pickoff mounted on the flow meter body.

Turbine flowmeters are easy to maintain, durable and versatile. These flowmeters are used in multiple industries to reliably measure the velocity of a variety of liquids, gases and vapors in pipes, such as hydrocarbons, chemicals, water, cryogenic liquids, air, natural gases, etc


  • Water supply
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Power plants
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Drinking water
  • Irrigation
  • Heating – conditioning systems
  • Salty water or Marine
  • Chemical Industry
  • Oil and Gas
  • Others industries
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