Silica Analyzer

Design & Specification :

1. The silica analyzer shall measure silica concentrations using a Heteropoly-molybdenum blue colorimetric method.
2. Measurement shall be semi continuous and be <15 minutes.
3. The range of measurement shall be between 0 and 5000 ppb or µg/L.
4. The detection limit shall be ±.5 ppb or 5% of reading, which ever is greater, in the range of 0 – 300 ppb and 10% of range from 300 – 5000 ppb.
5. Repeatability shall be <± 2% or ±.5 ppb, which ever is greater, in the range of 0 – 500 ppb and <± 5% or range from 500 – 5000 ppb.
6. Analyzer shall be capable of auto ranging and auto calibration.
7. Analyzer shall take blank samples before every measurement and shall compare and correct the measurement against the blank sample.
8. Analyzer shall provide 2 isolated 4/20mA outputs and 4 programmable alarm relays. Relays shall be rated for 5A @ 240V AC.
9. Analyzer shall have a heated sample cell with sample presence detection.
10. Display shall be a digital graphics LCD with backlight.
11. Sample delivery requirement shall be between 50 and 100 mL/ min.
12. Analyzer shall be capable of grab sample analysis.
13. Analyzer shall be wall or panel mounted.
14. Analyzer fluidics cabinet shall be constructed to NEMA 4X/ IP65. Enclosure shall be constructed of fiberglass with clear poly windows.
15. Power requirement shall be 100 – 240V AC, 100W, 50/60 Hz, auto-detection.
16. Analyzer shall have cTUVus approvals to meet UL61010-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 61010-1 certifications and FCC Class A requirement.
17. Analyzer shall meet EC Directives 2006/95/EC and 2004/108/ EC.


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Product Description

Silica analyzers provide a critical measurement for ensuring water purity in power cycle chemistry and in ultrapure water monitoring. This analyzers help to optimize ion exchange production and minimize silica deposition on turbines. The 2800Si silica analyzer measures at ppb levels for early detection of silica breakthrough of polisher anion resin, so that contaminated water can be diverted before it reaches critical areas.


  • Markets:
    • Power
    • Semiconductor
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Chemical
  • Applications:
    • Demineralizer
    • Boiler water
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