Gas Chromatography

Design & Specification :



FID(Flame-Ionisation-Detector) ECD(Electron Capture Detector)

Hayesep Q, 6ft x 1/8

Hayesep Q, 6ft x 1/8


Porapak Q,12ft x 1/8

Porapak Q,12ft x 1/

Gas purifier

Valco HP2

Supelco high capacity puri

Carrier gas flow rate[ml/min]



GC oven temperature [‘C]



Detector temperature [‘C]



Methanizer temperature [‘C]



Detector gas flow rates[ml/min]

N2/O2 (60%:40%)=220


Sample loop volume [ml]



Oven for keeping two sample loops linked in series at constant temperature (0.1 ‘C)
injection-valves two 10-port-2-position
H2 and zero air generator For ID
Syringes 5ml (10 Nos.), 10ml(10 Nos)
Septums 100 Nos


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Product Description

Gas chromatography is a term used to describe the group of analytical separation techniques used to analyze volatile substances in the gas phase. In gas chromatography, the components of a sample are dissolved in a solvent and vaporized in order to separate the analytes by distributing the sample between two phases: a stationary phase and a mobile phase. The mobile phase is a chemically inert gas that serves to carry the molecules of the analyte through the heated column. Gas chromatography is one of the sole forms of chromatography that does not utilize the mobile phase for interacting with the analyte. The stationary phase is either a solid adsorbant, termed gas-solid chromatography (GSC), or a liquid on an inert support, termed gas-liquid chromatography (GLC).


  • Gas chromatography is a physical separation method in where volatile mixtures are separated. It can be used in many different fields such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and even environmental toxins.
  • Since the samples have to be volatile, human breathe, blood, saliva and other secretions containing large amounts of organic volatiles can be easily analyzed using GC.
  • Knowing the amount of which compound is in a given sample gives a huge advantage in studying the effects of human health and of the environment as well.
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