Design & Specification :

  • Sensitivity  :   100 m
  • Connector Arrangement :  Side Exit
  • Frequency Range  : 5Hz-8 Hz
  • Sealing  IP68
  • Agency Rating   CE


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Product Description

An accelerometer is a device that measures the vibration, or acceleration of motion of a structure. The force caused by vibration or a change in motion (acceleration) causes the mass to "squeeze" the piezoelectric material which produces an electrical charge that is proportional to the force exerted upon it. Since the charge is proportional to the force, and the mass is a constant, then the charge is also proportional to the acceleration.


  • Machine monitoring.
  • Used to measure earthquake activity and aftershocks.
  • Used in measuring the depth of CPR chest compression.
  • Used in Internal Navigation System (INS). That is, measuring the position, orientation, and velocity of an object in motion without the use of any external reference.
  • Used in airbag shooting in cars and vehicle stability control.
  • Used in video games like PlayStation 3, so as to make the steering more controlled, natural and real.
  • Used in camcorder to make images stable.
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